What IS Your Overflow?

I talk a lot about giving from your overflow, but what IS your overflow? An overflow is the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space. It’s an over-abundance. We should give from our surplus. I once heard someone say, “I’m so blessed that my cup’s overflowing, and I’m drinking from the saucer!” A funny saying, but one that totally misses the point. In that analogy, the contents of the cup is for yourself, the contents of the saucer is for everyone else. You may think that you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and don’t have a surplus. But, you do! You have talents and gifts that can be given to others. Is there something you enjoy doing, but is too much for you and your family? I enjoy cooking—especially baking. In order to fulfill my love of baking, I have to give some of it away, because we just can’t eat it all! Can you knit, crochet, or quilt blankets for babies? Can you take a boy without a father figure in his life fishing? Can you pick up gently loved stuffed animals at yard sales, clean them and donate them to a homeless shelter? Can you call a shut-in and visit with them? Can you leave encouraging comments on social media? Can you donate your time in the church nursery? All these things are so appreciated by the recipient, and can be given without much, if any cost. May I challenge you to consider some non-monetary ways to give, and to make a decision to become more active in doing them. When you give, you will be blessed in return! Luke 6:38


When something is filled absolutely to the brim, even the slightest movement can cause an overflow. In speaking about being filled with beauty, these “overflows” are how our beauty is made known. Every day, we have numerous opportunities to move and allow our beauty to be seen by others through acts of kindness, a word of encouragement or compliment, showing forgiveness, being flexible and/or accommodating, sharing a moment of laughter, etc. These acts of beauty do not cost a penny and bring joy to others. How awesome is that?