I heard a sobering statement today.  Google recently published a ranking of their most commonly googled phrases or questions.  One of the most common questions in the “why do I” category was “Why do I feel so alone?”   And the ironic thing is, we all feel we are alone in googling that question!  As I was thinking about how prevalent that problem is, I heard one of my favorite Christmas songs, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. I recalled that Emmanuel means “God with us”  And therein lies the answer.  When we really understand that God never leaves us and is always with us, we won’t feel alone, or lonely.

The answer doesn’t lie in people.  If you’ve ever been lonely (and chances are, you have), you  know that you can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely.

I don’t have some magic formula to solve this problem, but I do know where the answer lies.  It’s in Him, and Him alone.  So, turn to Him, the God who is always with you, and feel the comfort of His presence.

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