Recently, I was talking with a lady who felt frustrated and condemned about her mistakes.  She has been stressed a lot lately, and it has been manifesting in her temper.  She had raised her voice and spoken harshly to someone that didn’t deserve it, and felt awful about it.

I recalled my favorite line in Hillsong’s “What a Beautiful Name”.  It says, “My sin was great, Your love was greater.”  No matter the sin or circumstance, His love is greater, and His blood covers our sin.  We will never reach the limits of His blood; which is a good thing, because we will never get to the place where we don’t need His forgiveness and grace.

Life will be overwhelming at times.  We will make mistakes and require forgiveness.  Seek forgiveness, from both the Father and the person involved.  And, in your forgiving, remember to forgive yourself as well.

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