Jesus, Our Guide

I’ve continued to think on the phrase “You are true, you are true, even in my wandering” for several days now.  I kept thinking about explorers and travelers that didn’t have maps and sophisticated equipment, such as GPS.  Sometimes they were going into an area that was uncharted and unfamiliar, possibly without even a road to lead the way.   In those cases, an experienced guide was extremely valuable.  Even today, hunters and fishermen often use a guide to assist them when in an unfamiliar area.

One of the names of Jesus is “The Good Shepherd”.   A definition of shepherd is to guide or direct in a particular direction.  Some of the synonyms were:  escort, usher, lead.

In our life’s walk, we often find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, and in need of an experienced guide—someone to walk beside us, as an escort, showing us our path.  Isn’t it comforting to know that Jesus, The Good Shepherd, is always with us–never leaving us, and never forsaking us.   Though the way may be treacherous and uncharted, we can walk in peace and confidence with Him beside us.