Non-Festive ways to observe Christmas

Perhaps you are mourning this Christmas, battling health issues or depression, or Christmas just dredges up memories you’d just as soon leave behind.  Whatever the reason, here are some non-festive ways to still observe the true meaning of Christmas—our Savior’s birth.

1—Listen to an acoustic or “unplugged” Christmas CD.  Acoustic versions are often more soothing,  intimate and quiet.

2–If it helps, visit their gravesite of a loved one.

3–Attend a candlelight service.  If your church doesn’t offer one, visit another church that does.  Frequently, the more traditional denominations—Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran offer these services.

4–Give a memorial in honor of your loved one.

5—If you are feeling overwhelmed, examine your traditions.  Keep only the ones with significance.  Limit your decorations to those simple and meaningful—perhaps just a tree, nativity set, and wreath.

6—Make a special dish or dessert that the loved one especially loved or used to make.  When you serve it, tell your family why you made it and share  a story or memory about them.

7—Send a card or a small gift to a person or agency that assisted your loved one, letting them know how much you appreciate and remember their care for him or her.

8—Pick an angel from the angel tree.  There are many different ones available.  If choosing a child’s gift is difficult, many places have angel trees for seniors as well.

9—Cultivate thankfulness by quietly considering your blessings.  Remember that although you may mourn a loved one, to give thanks for the blessing they were to you and the joy they brought to your life.

10—Forgive someone.

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