Sharing Jesus–An Act of Beauty

The following is an Act of Beauty that was shared by a friend.

I wanted to take a moment to encourage those who are older and wiser for a moment (some refer to them as “the elderly”).

Don’t for a second believe that you are not needed, important, or that you have nothing to give. First let me tell you about a crisp Colorado sunny day about 33 years ago.

I heard a knock at the door that changed my life forever.

If it had not of been for this elderly woman being brave enough to come to my front door that day when I was 12, I would have probably followed through with the suicide I had been contemplating for months.

I may have only lived 12 years, but in those 12 years I had suffered sexual abuse by several, rape by one, physical abuse from two and even mental abuse by another. All of these things had been at the hands of those that I should have been able to trust the most.

I was at my end.

Then this lady showed up at my door. She shared Jesus with me. I remember feeling real love for the first time. Peace. A warmth. I didn’t fully understand everything she said, I just knew I needed more.

She asked if she could pick me up Sunday for church. I said YES!

From that day until she died, she continued to drive 30 minutes to get me, 30 minutes to church, 30 minutes to take me home and then 30 back to her house.

I never saw anyone else with us. Just me and her. So how many doors were slammed in her face I wonder… how many no’s did she receive that led her to a town 30 minutes away from her own? Or maybe… maybe she was sent just for me.

I am here today because of her. I don’t even remember her name. But I do remember her heart.

I’ve gratefully been able to go on countless missions trips to tell others about Jesus, not just overseas but in my neighborhoods, and in prisons. Because that one “elderly lady” took time that day to reach out to me, a lost and scared 12 year old little girl…because of her I’m here today sharing this with you.

Over the years since then, with Gods help, I’ve been able to reach thousands more with the awesome love story she shared with me that day.

So you ARE important. You ARE very needed. You definitely have a plan and purpose for your life. Be brave, be bold, and look for that “one”. Then rewind, repeat, and finish your race with joy.


I’d love to share an Act of Beauty that has impacted your life.  Please feel free to send me a PM, and I can share your story anonymously.

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